The month I spent with the IFPA was one of the most memorable I have had! The hands-on education you receive is so enriching and enjoyable for anyone interested in archaeology. Everyone involved, staff and classmates, are so helpful and enthusiastic which is what makes this fieldschool standout. Plus, you will love the time you have to explore the surrounding area when you're not digging!

Robin Ballantyne

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

"As an aspiring archaeologist, I found the IFPA to be extremely effective in immersing its students in the field and mindset of archaeology. Whether you are already dedicated to the field or simply curious about it, you will become part of a subject that is both fascinating and meaningful."  

        --Amber Lipman, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"There are so many great things to say about my experience with IFPA. All of the people on site were so helpful with everything. They made it not only very instructive, but fun. The location of everything from the residence, to the site location were fantastic. The month went by too fast, and I hope to go back soon!" 

Emily Smith

STFX University, Nova Scotia, Canada


"The Field School is a place of fun, education and hard work! As a hands on experience it gives great insight to the workings of an excavation. Ros and the team were the utmost professionals who were also incredibly warm and great fun. You’ll make lovely friends as well as widening your education."

Roseanne Dowling

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Ireland

"Attending The Irish Fieldschool of Prehistoric Archaeology taught me a great deal, not only about archaeology, but about myself and working as a team toward a real, significant goal. Our field directors were unparalleled in their ability to connect with each student on a personal level and provide an exciting, immersive, hands-on learning experience."

Michael V Habisohn

Chicago, Illinois, USA

I am very happy to say I was a part of the fieldschool during the summer of 2015. I met new long life friends and made great connections in academic circles. The excavation really strengthened my desire to pursue archaeology as a career and I have gained a range of skills from the 6 week course. I highly recommend the course to anyone with even a slight interest in archaeology. 

Jessica Murray

Archaeology and Geography, NUI Galway, Ireland